Early Season and the snow is coming!

So last time there was an update, we were only doing dryland. Well, that has changed. A week after the post, the generous General Manager at Cranmore Mountain Resort let us ski around the base area, a good 1.4km manmade loop. The team has been training there for the past 2 weeks, as we didn't get a decent snowstorm until just recently.
Hannah actually smiling during training!?!


Season 2012: A preview

My racing season has already begun for the 2012/2013 calendar, with a 7.5km opener at Craftsbury. The race went okay, though Blaine and I skied an extra lap (shhh... we don't talk about that) which essentially ruined our results. But it was snow time, and that's all that matters. But wait, I have bigger news.
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