Race Report(s): Concord Crit and Witches Cup

How much time did I spend on I-89 and I-93 last week? A lot.

After spending a night in Ashland, NH last weekend, on Saturday I hopped down a few exits for the 37th Concord Criterium. Looking at the radar, we were expecting the skies to open up and for the course to be a swamp starting at any minute during the run-up, as there was a massive storm rolling through central New England that day.
Artists rendering of Concord Crit Chicane after ~10 minutes of rain.


Race Report: Gran Prix Beverly

Gonna get back into this thing, time for a week-old race report!

Last Wednesday, I traveled south to the Bay State for my second (seventh?) event of the summer, the Gran Prix of Beverly. This was my first city crit since I won Concord last summer, and only my second non-collegiate event of the season, after opening the summer at a race in New Jersey with my new team Sunapee Racing.