NE 10 Championship: One for the books

Well its been some time. Since my last post I raced rollerskis up Whiteface Mountain in NY, ran in four more cross country races, and nearly went crazy with the school work this semester. But I'm not going to talk about all of them. Too far gone.

James Buck/NE-10 photo


Two (and one) Down.

So I was gonna do a recap of preseason, but I never got around to it. My Bad. So here is a little of that, plus a triple race report!

So, to kick off preseason, I decided to try my hand at a 7km trail race at Great Glen Trails as a benefit to my friend and Olympic Biathlete Sean Doherty. It was a good mix of single-track and wide trail, and it was a decent field for a bunch of local runners.
Up and over the bridge! Photo by Meg Skidmore.


Summer Update

So school finished a while ago, and summer is here. Just thought I'd throw out a little bit about how things are going!


Another Season Down

This was a huge season for me. I made some big leaps towards where I want to be with my skiing, and found even more things to work on and look forward to for next year. 


What a time...

These past few weeks involved some heavy racing, some flying, a lot of driving, and snow...

I never thought about how much time I actually put into my competitions, but having spent almost more time away from campus in the past few weeks than I have on campus, it's been a weird period.
Scott Nichols photo


Yep, its a distance classic year... UVM Carnival

This past weekend, the team ventured over to Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe for the UVM Carnival. The weather was still cold, but much more predictable than over in Maine. 

It was a good weekend of racing, starting off with a 10km Individual Start freestyle for the men. Now, this event has historically been one of my better events at Trapps. And this day it still went well, just not quite where it has been in the past.
(Silke Hynes/EISA photo)


Bates Carnival and EC #2

One down, five to go.

This past weekend, the team traveled to Rumford, ME for the Bates College Carnival and the second Eastern Cup of the season.

This venue is known for hosting some high caliber races, and the competition there was just that. On Friday, we started things off with a 20km Classic Mass Start. Now, if we remember back to last season, I raced in one 20km Classic at Dartmouth, and did not finish. Well, this time went a little differently. I was not (as) sick, and I wasn't alone. 
Definitely not alone. (Silke Hynes/EISA Photo)