Early season, and the skiing's (not so) easy.

Well, it's been a month now on snow, and things are starting to fall back into place. There have been a few races thus far (Openers, Sleepy Hollow TT, EC Sprint), and a lot of training.

The Craftsbury openers went about as well as planned for minimal snow time (it was my first day out all season), and I felt it was a good start. On a short loop, the 7.5 km race was a little monotonous, but I counted correctly this time! (see post) I ended up coming in 15th overall, right towards the end of a pack of high caliber collegiate skiers.

That was December 1st. Fast forward a few weeks, on snow training has begun and we have just started our first training camp of the year at Sleepy Hollow. As a fundraiser, the team put together an open time trial, where entry was by donation, and those who wanted to brave the -0 temperatures were welcome to join the Saint Michael's College Ski Team for an early season 5k. It was a good race, with Coach Molly Peters' brother Eli Enman (Team Rossignol/CVU) winning in 16:39. I was not too far behind, coming in second in a time of 17:11, the first SMCPK over the line in the mass start.

That was the beginning of camp, which you can read more about here.

Finally, this weekend was the first NENSA Eastern Cup of the year, a Freestyle Sprint on the man-made loop at Craftsbury Outdoor Center. This could've gone better. After what i thought was a solid sprint, I found myself over 20 seconds out of first and in 91st position overall. Now, I've said time and again that I'm not a sprinter, but thats just ridiculous.


So that 'weekly' thing...

Oops. I kinda forgot. But, on the bright side, not much has gone on. There was NCAA regionals, in which I ran a 10k in sub-36 (35:58.4, 122nd), and then a week off.

We've done a few TT's on roller skis, one up Appalachian Gap, 14 miles with a 5k, 1500' climb at the end (1:29:44), and a 4 mile Classic grind up the Bolton Valley Access Road (1600' climb, no flat, 36:25).

Hopefully snow will come soon, and updates will become more regular (I promise).



Running: A pain in my leg.

This weekend, at the NE-10 Championships, I ran one of the best-yet-worst races of my so far short career. It was good in the way that I was only 20 seconds off of my current 8k PR, but I ended up running a much lesser quality race than I am accustomed to and finished 106th.


College life, busy.

Okay, so I know that i kinda let this whole blog sit idle after the ski season, hell, even before the season ended. I still had my biggest race to go, and I never touched back on it. Well, at the Eastern High School Championships, I had my best NENSA results of the season, with a grand finale of a second place overall finish for the weekend (More info here).

(For a killer article that basically sums up my year, go here.)

Now, on to college.


Very late end of season post!

Okay, so the last few weeks have been pretty busy. I've had Eastern Cups, Fun Races, Championship Races/Jumps, and school (okay, maybe not as much of the last one).


New Year, New Events

Okay, so it's been a little while, and honestly, not a lot has been going on. Last update was after the last Eastern Cup in December, and since then there have been only a handful of races. Three NHIAA Nordic, three jumps, and another Eastern Cup have occupied the past 4 weeks. Those, and a lot of facility maintenance.
Footpacking and proud of it.