Running: A pain in my leg.

This weekend, at the NE-10 Championships, I ran one of the best-yet-worst races of my so far short career. It was good in the way that I was only 20 seconds off of my current 8k PR, but I ended up running a much lesser quality race than I am accustomed to and finished 106th.

It wasn't a bad race by any means, in fact it was quite fun. Except for a nagging injury coupled with a new issue that showed its ugly achilles tendon in the days leading to the race.

So now i have a new injury to take care of. My achilles hurt even when i would walk on it, making for a lot of interesting trips. I'm taking 'preventative measures' right now for it, aka not running at all this week but doing other stuff...

Like roller skiing at Jericho! Or rock climbing!

I know this was a short post, not much going on this week.

Train hard.


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