Running: A pain in my leg.

This weekend, at the NE-10 Championships, I ran one of the best-yet-worst races of my so far short career. It was good in the way that I was only 20 seconds off of my current 8k PR, but I ended up running a much lesser quality race than I am accustomed to and finished 106th.


College life, busy.

Okay, so I know that i kinda let this whole blog sit idle after the ski season, hell, even before the season ended. I still had my biggest race to go, and I never touched back on it. Well, at the Eastern High School Championships, I had my best NENSA results of the season, with a grand finale of a second place overall finish for the weekend (More info here).

(For a killer article that basically sums up my year, go here.)

Now, on to college.