FIRST SNOW!!!? Wait... it's October...

Yes , the forecast was true. The Northeast got "hammered" with snow. Totals in New Hampshire range anywhere from 5"-2'. But, skiing will have to wait. Temps are supposed to be in the 50's this week, and much of the 5"-12" we have in my area will be gone by Friday...


Preseason has Started!! And it hurts.

Today, I began my workout plan that I had made earlier this week. I think I should have waited until the day where I only had core and some light aerobic activity, rather than starting on the day where I have a THREE HOUR aerobic extravaganza spanning 28.6 miles.



Hey, I just remembered a video that I made for the end of last years ski season... Enjoy!


Or maybe not...

Okay, so maybe I forgot to post on Wednesday. I was too busy with school and standardized testing to post. The good news though, is that I may have new skis coming. More to come.


My Week

Okay, first off I think that I will go from trying to post daily to posting twice a week (Most likely Sunday and Wednesday).
Second, my past week.
This past week, I (with help from parents) purchased the bike, but couldn't ride until yesterday, Kennett had our homecoming week, and I met someone new.



Yesterday was the new suit, today is the day of the possibly new bike. I haven't had a decent, working bike in almost two years and the time has come for me to be able to cross-train without my rollerskis. Where I live, there are no easily accessible paths or wide-shouldered roads for me to ski on.
Dirt shoulders=painful skiing

So we are deciding on what bike to get. We've checked EMS in both Portland, Maine and North Conway, NH, Bob and Terry's in North Conway, and finally Joe Jones Sports Outlet in North Conway. After some browsing, we have (tentatively) decided on a Scott Scale 70 mountain bike.


New Suit, eh?

It's a little big, and i can only wear it in aboot half of my races, but I have a new suit! It's red, and black and has little leaves on it. There's something aboot it that makes me think it's from Canada...