Eastern Cup #1 - Craftsbury

After 2 days of below zero (*C) temps, the first NENSA/TD Bank Eastern Cup race is complete. The course, a 1.45 km loop of man-made snow, was a good, hilly trail at Craftsbury Nordic Center.
Day 1 was a day of classic racing, starting with a 1.4 km classic sprint: a qualifier for the 3k afternoon race. The podium lacked the one USST skier there, Skyler Davis, who had just returned from a World Cup trip in Europe.


Two down, pray for snow.

After two weeks of dry-land, and still no snow, our first race is only 10 days away.
We have been doing a lot of technique work on roller-skis, with the occasional fall (but don't worry, only 1 person ended up bleeding), as well as some endurance in the form of a time trial on Tuesday.

The trial wasn't bad, with the team averaging a 5:00-ish lap on the .86 kilometer course. The top 2 times were 20:38 and 21:08 for 5 laps (myself and Hannah Benson respectively).


It's been...

One week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said... I'm ready. Dryland training is now a week old and everybody on the Kennett Ski Team is feeling it. On Monday, the 72 members of the Ski Team (Alpine, Jumping, and Cross Country) began our training as we would any other dryland day... with a run. The run wasnt too bad, just to the end of the road and back, but times varied between 13 minutes (myself and about 3 other XC skiers) and over 20.
Total Distance (A to B and back): 2 miles
Next we stretch, and do some a LOT of core, courtesy of Eddie Bradley. Usually around 15 minutes of rigorous workouts before we branch of into our respective disciplines.


First day on Snow... And Double Poling

After getting a foot of snow on Wednesday, Jackson Ski touring opened for the day free of charge. They had about 10 km groomed with tracks. And that's almost all that they had: tracks. With about 4 km skate groomed (tracked on the left side clockwise), the majority of my day, which was entirely on skate skis, was spent double poling. It was a good 12 km pole though, heading down the Ellis River Trail to the base of the Hall Trail and back. It was a little awkward making the transition from the "perfect glide" of roller skiing to the choppiness of the midday soft conditions that met me in skating today. I eventually worked it out, remembering to take it easy (and double poling the 2k loop). I am planning to get back up there tomorrow for some classic skiing, free or not.


Weekend Training and T-Minus 7 days

Yet again, the (fool)hearty group of roller skiers converged at the break of 8:30 for some preseason training. This time, though, things were a little flatter. This time, a few more people in tow, we skied the Passaconaway Road in Albany. This ski was a little more technique intensive, with some of us skiing with Nat Lucy, former US Ski Team Biathlete (1980-83). We worked on V2 technique on the way out (6.1 miles) and then double poled the entire way back (6.1 miles and hills). The DP section was when I began to appreciate the hills we had climbed, but wasn't a huge fan of the ones we had once descended.

B to A... and back.
All in all, it was a good, long, ski, and was a great workout.


Yet another day of rollerski

On Sunday, myself, along with about seven other foolhardy skiers, congregated at the base of Bear Notch Road in Bartlett, NH. All of us (except for one biker) were all there for a common purpose: preseason training at 8:30 in the morning.
The road: 4.9 miles A to B.
Elevation Gain: 1000 feet
Temp: Not cold enough.
Direction: Uphill
Two teenagers and a 50 y.o. were the first three to finish...


PIE!!!!! and rollerskiing.

I was sore, cold, sick, and tired. And that was before the race.

Today was my first 10km anything in the Eyes for the Pies Rollerski Race at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME. The course (two laps of 5km) skirted the perimeter of the former Pineland Center for the insane, which is now home to NENSA, a working farm, as well as a number of other businesses. The two races, a 5km and a 10km freestyle, were a combined mass start with competitors mostly coming from the Yarmouth area (I was the lone NH resident racing). After the first lap, I was second only to Jack Elder, whom I have beaten once in my short career. He then had me by about 10 seconds, growing to 30+ by the finish.

The prizes were well worth it though, with a wide selection of homemade apple and pumpkin pies, which competitors got to choose from. I ended up going home with a nice apple (which i have eaten a third of in the time it has taken me to write this).


FIRST SNOW!!!? Wait... it's October...

Yes , the forecast was true. The Northeast got "hammered" with snow. Totals in New Hampshire range anywhere from 5"-2'. But, skiing will have to wait. Temps are supposed to be in the 50's this week, and much of the 5"-12" we have in my area will be gone by Friday...


Preseason has Started!! And it hurts.

Today, I began my workout plan that I had made earlier this week. I think I should have waited until the day where I only had core and some light aerobic activity, rather than starting on the day where I have a THREE HOUR aerobic extravaganza spanning 28.6 miles.



Hey, I just remembered a video that I made for the end of last years ski season... Enjoy!


Or maybe not...

Okay, so maybe I forgot to post on Wednesday. I was too busy with school and standardized testing to post. The good news though, is that I may have new skis coming. More to come.


My Week

Okay, first off I think that I will go from trying to post daily to posting twice a week (Most likely Sunday and Wednesday).
Second, my past week.
This past week, I (with help from parents) purchased the bike, but couldn't ride until yesterday, Kennett had our homecoming week, and I met someone new.



Yesterday was the new suit, today is the day of the possibly new bike. I haven't had a decent, working bike in almost two years and the time has come for me to be able to cross-train without my rollerskis. Where I live, there are no easily accessible paths or wide-shouldered roads for me to ski on.
Dirt shoulders=painful skiing

So we are deciding on what bike to get. We've checked EMS in both Portland, Maine and North Conway, NH, Bob and Terry's in North Conway, and finally Joe Jones Sports Outlet in North Conway. After some browsing, we have (tentatively) decided on a Scott Scale 70 mountain bike.


New Suit, eh?

It's a little big, and i can only wear it in aboot half of my races, but I have a new suit! It's red, and black and has little leaves on it. There's something aboot it that makes me think it's from Canada...


Injury!!! But not serious.

Hooray soccer cleats! In todays game ( Kennett JV VS Plymouth JV) I was the lucky recipient of multiple kicks to the knees as well as a cleat (I think) to the back of the calf. This happened in the first ten minutes.
25 minutes into the second half (a whole hour later) I finally got pulled for my injury… only to be put in eight minutes later to close the game.
I currently am icing the knot in the calf ( knees are sore, but fine) and it hurts to move my foot (as in to kick the ball). I'll see if I can ski this weekend, granted this pull goes away.

This is new... not.

First post on a new blog. I hope to be able to use this to track my skiing as well as to give recommendations on gear and terrain. That as well as to put up random musings I encounter along the way.