Getting over Legs

Last week was an interesting one for me. 

On Tuesday after doing  hill repeats on Leclair Street in Winooski, I noticed a little pain in my left shin.

That continued to Thursday, where I couldn't complete the team Tempo set on North Campus. I met with the trainers, and they said I may be coming down with a stress fracture.

So I did the most logical thing. 

I raced.


Getting into a Rhythm.

Alright, so here is a look at what the last week or so has brought us here in Winooski.


One Week

Preseason has ended, and school has begun.

We wrapped up our week with a run on the Rollin Irish Half Marathon Course in Essex, VT. Coach only wanted me running about an hour so I didn’t get to run the whole thing, but still managed a little over 7.5 miles.

Gil crushing the course with a 1:24:21