Getting over Legs

Last week was an interesting one for me. 

On Tuesday after doing  hill repeats on Leclair Street in Winooski, I noticed a little pain in my left shin.

That continued to Thursday, where I couldn't complete the team Tempo set on North Campus. I met with the trainers, and they said I may be coming down with a stress fracture.

So I did the most logical thing. 

I raced.


So last race I said that I was gonna try a different strategy, and this week we did just that. The above pack (Tyler, the Cody's, and myself) as well as Aaron and Mike stayed fairly close for the majority of the race. We went out at what I thought was a fairly conservative pace, 5:47 first mile. As the race wore on, the pack broke apart, but we mostly finished close to each other. I was 52nd overall, 30:33. My leg surprisingly didn't hurt during the race, or afterwards. 

The next day, just to keep the pressure off the leg, I went roller skiing with the Women's team in Huntington. A nice 1:15 ski at an easy effort, and I got to know some of the new skiers!

Tuesday, I had the thrill of running a hill workout by myself. Not fun. But, again, my leg didn't hurt! The pictures are obviously not the hill, but the hill is not something I would want to look at. 

Toss in a few days of biking and roller skiing, that pretty much sums up my week. Last night the team travelled to the UVM track for the GMAA Mini Meet #3, the last one of the season. Everyone (well, most everyone) competed in all three events, the 3000m, the 800m, and the 400m. And I did not come in last in any of them! I ran my PR 400 (after running the 3k in 9:59.6 and the 800 in 2:22) in 59.67. And now my leg hurts. It started hurting during the warmup, and continued through the workout. 


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