Getting into a Rhythm.

Alright, so here is a look at what the last week or so has brought us here in Winooski.

Late last week (actually right before the last post), the Nordic Team went down to UVM for the first round of a movement study by the University of Auckland!
Saturday was race day (see last post), and Sunday was a nice easy shakeout day around Instant Park.

By Friday, my leg was acting up, so I decided to go for a nice chilly ride around Colchester. it was a cloudy day, and not much for sights up there.
On Saturday came one of my favorite workouts, UVM Track repeats. I felt pretty good during my set with Tyler and Mike, 12:00 at :90/lap, 800m recovery, 9:00 at :85-:87/lap, 800m recovery, then 12:00 at :88-:90/lap + hard lap at the end. After the 9 minute set my calf started to act up, but throwing on a compression sleeve helped for the last set, which I held steady at :88 for the last 6 minutes.

Also on Saturday was the 'Grand Opening' of the new MetroRock Climbing Gym in Essex, so naturally I went to get some vertical with Jamie, Julie, and Chris.

And Sunday, the coldest day of the week, Coach had me do a 2hr ride rather than the hour and a half run, take the pressure off my knees and calf for a little while. Although it was freezing, I still had a blast trying out a new route. 

I think I have finally found my rhythm this year, with the added commute from the north edge of campus every day to the new major. This Saturday MXC is racing at the Middlebury College Aldrich Invitational, a rather new one for the team.


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