Early Season and the snow is coming!

So last time there was an update, we were only doing dryland. Well, that has changed. A week after the post, the generous General Manager at Cranmore Mountain Resort let us ski around the base area, a good 1.4km manmade loop. The team has been training there for the past 2 weeks, as we didn't get a decent snowstorm until just recently.
Hannah actually smiling during training!?!


Season 2012: A preview

My racing season has already begun for the 2012/2013 calendar, with a 7.5km opener at Craftsbury. The race went okay, though Blaine and I skied an extra lap (shhh... we don't talk about that) which essentially ruined our results. But it was snow time, and that's all that matters. But wait, I have bigger news.
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End of School Update

Well, there hasn’t been a lot going on since the season ended. I’ve been in school and playing lacrosse, also helping out on the local Special Olympic Swim Team on the weekends.

This year, the KHS JV (yes, yet another season without a Varsity sport, that makes 3 winter seasons as my only letters…) Lacrosse team went 3-2-1 with some adverse conditions: shortened games, half being cancelled. My third season this year of being captain ended on a well fought game in the schools stadium, although we lost 5-4 (we were down 4-1 at the half).

I am returning to the "Land made for Scouting" this summer, my second season on the Hidden Valley waterfront staff. I'm hoping I can get some good training in, as we do not get much time off.


End of a Season...

After the NHIAA State Meet and EC Finals, not many races took place (6 total races over 4 days on 2 separate weekends), although the ones that did were quite spectacular.

The Saturday following the Eastern Cups was the NHIAA Meet of Champions at Gunstock, which takes the top 10 racers from all 4 divisions in both skate and classic, and races them to determine the number one public school skier in the state.


Woah!!! Long time no see...

Since the last time I posted, a lot has happened...
  • My teammate Sean Doherty helped lift the US Youth mixed Biathlon/XC Relay team to the bronze medal at the Inaugural Youth Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck Austria.
  • There was another Eastern Cup.
  • The Kennett Boys capped off their undefeated season with a shared championship with Hanover.
  • I won both the Division Skate and Classic championship, as well as the Division and State Skimeister awards.


A week of Races, Tests, and PR's.

Let's start off with the mayhem that was scheduling this Tuesday's Thursday's Skate Classic Skate race at Moultonborough Sandwich. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is apporx. 3000 words worth of pictures of words:

Eastern Cup #2: A Learning Experience

Last weekend, the NENSA Eastern Cup's Maine Weekend was held in Farmington, Maine at Titcomb Ski Area. I left home Saturday morning at 5:00 in order to get to the mountain for course preview, for which I slept most of the way north.


More Cancellations/Postponements/Location Cha-AGGH... On the bright side, SNOW!!!!

Well, this week was full of various cancellations and other changes:
First, our skate race that was scheduled for December 20 at Great Glen Trails, then scheduled for this Wednesday and later Thursday night at Cranmore, has again been postponed to a later date, keeping our YTD race total at 1.


Vacation Recap and First School Races.

It's been a while since I've posted (Craftsbury), and quite a bit has gone on since then: the Kennett XC team scavenged for practice locations, we had two meets postponed (one jumping, one nordic), and had our first two meets (again, 1 and 1).