Vacation Recap and First School Races.

It's been a while since I've posted (Craftsbury), and quite a bit has gone on since then: the Kennett XC team scavenged for practice locations, we had two meets postponed (one jumping, one nordic), and had our first two meets (again, 1 and 1).
This winter has been one of the strangest I have seen when it comes to weather. The region has experienced temps ranging from 52 to -4 degrees with alternating storms of rain and snow. There were days where it would look like something would happen (and in some towns it did) that completely bypassed the valley...
Due to the bizzare weather, the Kennett ski team(s) have been training mostly at Cranmore Mountain, with Nordic coming in at 4:00 and taking over the base after the mountain closes. We have had to dodge skiers, ski patrol, snowmobiles, snow guns, groomers, and Fryeburg Academy skiers (early on). When Cranmore wasn't available, we had to make due with what we could find: Jackson had very little terrain, Great Glen had only .250 km open, Whitaker Woods was almost unusable except for one day. We ended up using the North Conway Country Club, which actually had decent conditions, and Cranmore after dark (5:45 to 7:00).
Would you look at that intensity? And the guy in the yellow seems to be going hard too...

Our first race was SUPPOSED to be on 12/21/11, but, due to the lack of snow, had to be postponed to this coming Wednesday, 1/11/12. Our first race ended up being a sprint relay at Gunstock Ski area on 1/4/12. The race went well, with two of our teams making it through the prelim's and placing top 10 in the final (Kennett-2 Brennan/La Liberte was fourth, Kennett-1 Doucet/Spaulding was tenth). 
Following the relays was a mad dash over to Proctor Academy for the NHIAA season opener for Ski Jumping. NH is the only state in the US that still allows Jumping as a high school sport. The meet
utilized all 4 jumps Proctor has (K10m, K18m, K34m, K38m) and was my first 4 jumps of the season (all off the K34m, with 3 being competition jumps). I ended up placing T12th overall and 1st for the K34m, with a score of 92.5.

Also, over break, my good friend Mikaela (Blog) made the US World Youth Biathlon team, and will be travelling to Finland this February. 
Then, Mikaela, along with my teammate Hannah B. and some of the country's best Nordic skiers, descended upon the mill town of Rumford, ME for the 2012 US Cross Country Championships (site). They both did well for their age group, seeing as they were also competing against USST members and other professional skiers from the US and Canada.


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