3 Races to cover!

Alright, so it was midterm-season here at St. Mikes, so the time to blog has been limited. I'll just cut to the chase here and give out the race reports, with just a little bit of stuffing.


Getting over Legs

Last week was an interesting one for me. 

On Tuesday after doing  hill repeats on Leclair Street in Winooski, I noticed a little pain in my left shin.

That continued to Thursday, where I couldn't complete the team Tempo set on North Campus. I met with the trainers, and they said I may be coming down with a stress fracture.

So I did the most logical thing. 

I raced.


Getting into a Rhythm.

Alright, so here is a look at what the last week or so has brought us here in Winooski.


One Week

Preseason has ended, and school has begun.

We wrapped up our week with a run on the Rollin Irish Half Marathon Course in Essex, VT. Coach only wanted me running about an hour so I didn’t get to run the whole thing, but still managed a little over 7.5 miles.

Gil crushing the course with a 1:24:21


Preseason and the end of the Placid Life

Well, my summer in the Empire State has ended, and I have moved back to the 802 for some preseason training with the SMC Men's Cross Country Team. Since I haven't updated in a while, here's just a brief rundown of the past week or so.


I finally have material

Alright, there really hasn't been that much to post about lately. A lot of training + no easily accessible camera makes for few posts.

It has been a little while, but I have been doing some stuff!


A Placid Start

Well, this has been fun.

It's been about two weeks since I moved in here, and so far things have been going pretty well! It's been great training in a new locale, which has already established it as an athlete friendly region.


A New Beginning to a Summer of Training

Yeah, yeah, its been a while. Honestly, there hasn't been much going on since the season ended. I tried dabbling in bike racing this spring, but a limited budget, school, and a concussion got in the way of that.

Proof of me racing. MIT X-Pot 4.0 Criterium.
(Thanks Yale Cycling)


End of season

Well, now that the season has ended, I've been able to 'focus' on my other sports, like jumping!

On March 9th, I strapped on my jumpers for the first time all season in Lebanon, NH, during the Storrs Hill Mud Meet and USCSA National Collegiate Ski Jumping Championships. That day was not only my first day on a jump all year, but was also my first attempt at a K50 jump ever.

Hiestad Hill: The K50 at Storrs Hill.


Season in review.

Well, this is awkward...

So, I've been kinda busy as the author of the SMC Nordic blog, so if you want to see the results from the EISA circuit, see here.

Well, where to begin...

On New Years Eve, I made my way out to Lake Willoughby, VT for the Mt. Hor Hop, a 10km Skate on some very technical trails. This race tends to bring out some good skiers, such as North Conway's own Sean Doherty, who won this years race. I bonked on the second lap, but still managed a 6th place effort.

After the second SMC training camp, Silke and I ventured out to Lake Placid, NY for the Harry Eldridge Memorial Classic Race and JNQ. That day, it was about 45 degrees and raining, so waxing for the 7.5k race was a little challenging. The race was held at the base of the K90 and K120 ski jumps, and featured a single-track obstacle course right after the start, or a pond-skim if you so chose. First lap, I chose the pond, and was immediately soaked from the chest down. Silke toughed it out as my support crew of 1, and I finished 16th overall, after SMC alum Colin Delaney won it. The day was capped off with a trip to Adirondack Chocolates and a quick tour of Lake Placid.

The struggle of warm weather racing in the rain. It is real.