End of season

Well, now that the season has ended, I've been able to 'focus' on my other sports, like jumping!

On March 9th, I strapped on my jumpers for the first time all season in Lebanon, NH, during the Storrs Hill Mud Meet and USCSA National Collegiate Ski Jumping Championships. That day was not only my first day on a jump all year, but was also my first attempt at a K50 jump ever.

Hiestad Hill: The K50 at Storrs Hill.

The Mud Meet (which I won last year) is a Skimeister event (my specialty) for all ages and abilities. It combines a short nordic ski with a rather easy alpine race, as well as a meet on the K5 and K25 jumps.

In addition to the Mud Meet, Hill Manager Jon Farnham, along with USCSA, hosted an informal K50 meet that also acted as the Collegiate National Championships. There were only three people competing, all of us from the Burlington, VT area (the other two were UVM students).

I won.

It was my first day all year with long skis on, and I won the collegiate national championships. It was terrifyingly awesome.

The rest of the meet was a good time, short Nordic ski and an even shorter alpine race, and I took second overall, to the current NH State Skimeister.

That Friday, the three of us, along with a
few others, traveled to Lake Placid for a Exhibition Meet for the rest of the USCSA athletes. We limited ourselves to the K48, but there were a handful of locals (not college kids) hitting the K90.

I didn't jump as well that night, only hitting 35 or 36 meters, while I was hoping to hit 40, it didn't matter. We were there for fun more than anything.

The day after the Mud Meet, the Saint Michael's Nordic Team travelled down to Cochran's Ski Area for their first annual Nordic Skier Cross race. It was a blast, with a huge descent and a few good climbs, along with jumps, gates, and tight turns. I did rather well, coming in 8th overall, with only a couple of falls under my belt.

And that basically concludes my ski season, I should be updating more regularly on cycling season (first race is this saturday!!), as i will have more free time.



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