Season in review.

Well, this is awkward...

So, I've been kinda busy as the author of the SMC Nordic blog, so if you want to see the results from the EISA circuit, see here.

Well, where to begin...

On New Years Eve, I made my way out to Lake Willoughby, VT for the Mt. Hor Hop, a 10km Skate on some very technical trails. This race tends to bring out some good skiers, such as North Conway's own Sean Doherty, who won this years race. I bonked on the second lap, but still managed a 6th place effort.

After the second SMC training camp, Silke and I ventured out to Lake Placid, NY for the Harry Eldridge Memorial Classic Race and JNQ. That day, it was about 45 degrees and raining, so waxing for the 7.5k race was a little challenging. The race was held at the base of the K90 and K120 ski jumps, and featured a single-track obstacle course right after the start, or a pond-skim if you so chose. First lap, I chose the pond, and was immediately soaked from the chest down. Silke toughed it out as my support crew of 1, and I finished 16th overall, after SMC alum Colin Delaney won it. The day was capped off with a trip to Adirondack Chocolates and a quick tour of Lake Placid.

The struggle of warm weather racing in the rain. It is real.
Up next came the first college race of the year, the Colby College Carnival. It was rough, a 2.5-ish kilometer loop to ski a 10 and a 15km race on, things got pretty monotonous. 

On friday, it was a 10km classic, in constantly changing conditions. It was the opening carnival, so I wasn't expecting huge things, but nothing really went as I had hoped. it ended up being a 10km double pole with almost no kick. Turns out yellow klister isn't always the answer...

The next day went a little better, 15km skates are my preference anyways. That day, I started in a pack of very strong skiers, and ended up racing trying to fend off Paddy Caldwell and Akeo Martucci, two of the strongest skaters in EISA. I lost count of laps on lap 4 (kinda like this race), but was back on track the next time around thanks to the rest of the team. It was a tough race, and I ended up 63rd overall.

To finish up the weekend, I competed at the Eastern Cup at Rumford, a 10km Classic. Things didn't quite go as I had hoped, but I needed to try and get my points down. I was 58th.

The season continued with collegiate racing (again see here), and towards the end of February came the last Eastern Cup, my last shot at qualifying for JN's. 

It came the day after the Williams Carnival, at the Holderness School in NH, my second triple of the season. It went rather well, not being passed by anyone and coming in what I thought was a respectable 30th, my second best classic result all season, in what felt like a very solid, relaxed race. But, the points didn't line up, and I was well out of the running for a JN's bid, by almost 15 places. 

After that, I started figuring out what I needed to do for next season, and prepped for the EISA Championships. They went much better than I had expected, and I hope that I showed some other coaches what I can accomplish, in beating their JN-experienced athletes. I was 55th in the Classic, a race that I finished as the last one across the line, and was 52nd in the Skate Mass start, after leading a train of UNH and Colby skiers for 10km. It felt good, and hopefully things go better next year.



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