Season 2012: A preview

My racing season has already begun for the 2012/2013 calendar, with a 7.5km opener at Craftsbury. The race went okay, though Blaine and I skied an extra lap (shhh... we don't talk about that) which essentially ruined our results. But it was snow time, and that's all that matters. But wait, I have bigger news.
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Aside from that one day, everything else has been dryland. The day after openers we had a club practice that involved hiking up Black Cap in North Conway, where it was snowing at the top, a break from the usual meet & roll that had been the routine since mid-October. But that wasn't big news.

And now, for the grand announcement: This year, the Kennett Nordic Ski Team has the most members it has ever had since the early Broomhall era. Our official rosters say 23 boys and 6 girls, but those don't take into account the 3 skimeister candidates (1 male and 2 female). We have almost our entire team back from our championship season, and the schedule is up on the Calendar page.

Other than that, it has been a very productive off-season. I worked at a Boy Scout Summer Camp again, and then ran Cross Country, where I FINALLY received a non-winter Varsity Letter. With a PR of 17:07 and a 38th place finish at the DII state meet, I got plenty of work in.

And then, the week before DII's, I earned my Eagle Scout rank. After years of hard work, it was finally there. My court of honor was on November 18th (I had to cut my Movember short) with plenty in attendance. I was Troop 150's second Eagle of the year, and the second since 2007. 

Oh, and this happened.

I'll update more as the season goes on, when there's more to actually report on.


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