Preseason and the end of the Placid Life

Well, my summer in the Empire State has ended, and I have moved back to the 802 for some preseason training with the SMC Men's Cross Country Team. Since I haven't updated in a while, here's just a brief rundown of the past week or so.

I wrapped up my jumping sessions after Coach Chris Lamb left for school. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to ride the K90 this summer (maybe later this fall).

Got to do a little Stand Up Paddleboarding on the big lake. It's quite the ab workout. Cruised around for a few hours on my last day before moving back to campus.
Then I moved back to school! Preseason with Cross Country started on Sunday and continues until Sunday.  This week has mainly been a high mileage week, with double sessions every day.
On Tuesday we ran a team favorite route, Dugway Road. A 6-7 mile out-and-back in rural Huntington, VT. Went out for a good 7.7 miles, dropping the pace each mile. It felt nice going fast for a while. 

And then afterwards the team went to the Bolton Potholes, a natural swimming hole nearby. The natural ice bath felt so nice on such a warm day.
And some wiffleball was played.

The following day, we travelled north to the Grand Isle town of South Hero. Tyler and I did a nice, fast-paced run with some surges on the way back, playing with some sub-5:00 pacing. 

Yesterday, we travelled back down to Huntington for our first session with the SMC Women's XC team. We ran the trails at Sleepy Hollow Inn, doing a nice easy strength run on winding single track.

Things are feeling good so far. I haven't been nursing any injuries like last season, and my training pace has quickened by quite a lot. 

Classes start up Monday, with my first semester of Media Studies and journalism. 


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