A week of Races, Tests, and PR's.

Let's start off with the mayhem that was scheduling this Tuesday's Thursday's Skate Classic Skate race at Moultonborough Sandwich. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is apporx. 3000 words worth of pictures of words:


And that, my friends, is chaos.
The race went off as "planned"with the Kennett boys winning the race by 20 points, with myself winning by :50 seconds. Hannah also won her race in spectacular fashion, coming in first by over a minute. The Sandwich course is, for the most part, a rather easy course, with a couple of narrow 2-way stretches. The course only has 2 major hills, and takes place around the fairground. Results are here
Donovan Spaulding (Photo courtesy of Josh Spaulding, no relation)
Then, on Friday, came my first day on Alpine skis all year. And also my first race. It was an afternoon Slalom (had to go to Midterms first, which went well) at King Pine Ski Area, and had about 5 schools in attendance. I had to take a few warm up runs before I got on course, and was in relatively good form for having not been on skis since last February. After my 2 race runs, I was 12th overall, and the 9th Kennett skier. Not bad for having taken 5 runs all year before my race.
Image Courtesy of Josh Spaulding
After the Alpine race, I drove over to Proctor Academy for a Jumping meet, and boy was it fast. After we had all practiced from top bar, they set a 3 bar limit, dropping us all down to bar 3. When the meet came around, I immediately set a new PR of 30 meters, only to be broken 2 jumps later at 30.5 meters. I came in 13th overall and Kennett came in 4th as a team.
That was the extent of my week, and next week brings us a Jump at Plymouth and XC at Gunstock for a NH Coaches Series race, which is an Eastern HS Qualifier.


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