More Cancellations/Postponements/Location Cha-AGGH... On the bright side, SNOW!!!!

Well, this week was full of various cancellations and other changes:
First, our skate race that was scheduled for December 20 at Great Glen Trails, then scheduled for this Wednesday and later Thursday night at Cranmore, has again been postponed to a later date, keeping our YTD race total at 1.

Second, our classic race at Lebanon, a different one from the one that was supposed to be held on 12/27 which hasn't been run, has also been postponed due to lack of snow. Again, Kennett Nordic Skiing YTD races... 1.
Our ski jumping meet that was supposed to be held at Hanover on Wednesday was moved to Proctor, due to lack of snow, and otherwise went off without a hitch. I didn't jump as far as I would have liked, but did set a personal record by earning more style points than distance points.
And a day of rest followed the Jumping meet, as school was cancelled due to a sudden excess of snow on Thursday (the same excess that postponed the twice-postponed Cranmore race...). It was well used, prepping skis for this weekend. It snowed for most of the day Thursday and again today, turning the scene around the valley from this:
(Last Thursday)
to this:
Eight Days Later...

The Eastern Cup scheduled for Saturday the 14 was moved from Bond Brook Rec. Area in Augusta was moved to Titcomb Mountain in Farmington, the location that was initially hosting the Sunday Eastern Cup.


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