Two down, pray for snow.

After two weeks of dry-land, and still no snow, our first race is only 10 days away.
We have been doing a lot of technique work on roller-skis, with the occasional fall (but don't worry, only 1 person ended up bleeding), as well as some endurance in the form of a time trial on Tuesday.

The trial wasn't bad, with the team averaging a 5:00-ish lap on the .86 kilometer course. The top 2 times were 20:38 and 21:08 for 5 laps (myself and Hannah Benson respectively).

4.3 km of wet dirt hill.
Then, we finished off the week with some roller-skiing, which made me realize how much fun it is watching helping people who are struggling. Of the 12 kids on the team, about half of them have been on rollers before. We spent some time working on basics (poling, striding, etc.), then moved up into some competitions (relays).

And now, as we come up onto week 3 of training, our official on-snow total is a whopping 1 day... with some of us, such as myself, venturing out on weekends to find whatever snow is left. Today it was at Bretton Woods. The snow/gravel mix was a little rough on the skis, but it was worth the drive (and the $5). We plan on being there again tomorrow, hopefully with more of the team.


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