It's been...

One week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said... I'm ready. Dryland training is now a week old and everybody on the Kennett Ski Team is feeling it. On Monday, the 72 members of the Ski Team (Alpine, Jumping, and Cross Country) began our training as we would any other dryland day... with a run. The run wasnt too bad, just to the end of the road and back, but times varied between 13 minutes (myself and about 3 other XC skiers) and over 20.
Total Distance (A to B and back): 2 miles
Next we stretch, and do some a LOT of core, courtesy of Eddie Bradley. Usually around 15 minutes of rigorous workouts before we branch of into our respective disciplines.
This season marks the first time since 2009 where the Kennett High Nordic Team has had a full, score-able, girls team. We have at least 7 girls participating this year, up from 3 last year. (You need 4 on a team to officially score). And we also have one of the larger boys team since I joined in 2009 (10 boys from seven last year). As the Nordic Team, we've spent most of our time doing poling and bounding exercises, but on Tuesday  the first day we split into disciplines, we were on snow. Albeit only three inches (in places it was grass after one loop), it was still snow.

We then spend some time playing an agility game as a whole team, and practice ends, only to return in 22 hours to do it all again.


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