Weekend Training and T-Minus 7 days

Yet again, the (fool)hearty group of roller skiers converged at the break of 8:30 for some preseason training. This time, though, things were a little flatter. This time, a few more people in tow, we skied the Passaconaway Road in Albany. This ski was a little more technique intensive, with some of us skiing with Nat Lucy, former US Ski Team Biathlete (1980-83). We worked on V2 technique on the way out (6.1 miles) and then double poled the entire way back (6.1 miles and hills). The DP section was when I began to appreciate the hills we had climbed, but wasn't a huge fan of the ones we had once descended.

B to A... and back.
All in all, it was a good, long, ski, and was a great workout.
And now, we begin the countdown to dryland training. With this being a rebuilding year, we will have to work hard in the upcoming weeks before our first race (see calendar, light blue). I see a good future ahead for both the Kennett High Boys AND Girls teams this season.
Ski Well.


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