First day on Snow... And Double Poling

After getting a foot of snow on Wednesday, Jackson Ski touring opened for the day free of charge. They had about 10 km groomed with tracks. And that's almost all that they had: tracks. With about 4 km skate groomed (tracked on the left side clockwise), the majority of my day, which was entirely on skate skis, was spent double poling. It was a good 12 km pole though, heading down the Ellis River Trail to the base of the Hall Trail and back. It was a little awkward making the transition from the "perfect glide" of roller skiing to the choppiness of the midday soft conditions that met me in skating today. I eventually worked it out, remembering to take it easy (and double poling the 2k loop). I am planning to get back up there tomorrow for some classic skiing, free or not.


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