My Week

Okay, first off I think that I will go from trying to post daily to posting twice a week (Most likely Sunday and Wednesday).
Second, my past week.
This past week, I (with help from parents) purchased the bike, but couldn't ride until yesterday, Kennett had our homecoming week, and I met someone new.

The bike, a Scott Scale 70, rides well, and can take a beating. Only beat myself up a little bit on some overgrown single-track, but otherwise the ride went well. It was the first decent ride I've taken in almost two years, and I am hoping to get a camera mount to be able to film.
Homecoming... what can I say. This is just one of three inter-class rivalry weeks Kennett has, with the Seniors hoping to topple the Freshmen in every competition. The major competition this week was Powderpuff Football, aka. girls flag football. This year, the upperclassmen felt the agony of defeat, as the Sophomores beat both the Juniors and the Seniors to become 2011 Powderpuff Champions.

And finally, I've met someone new. This person is caring, funny, and will remain anonymous, for now.
You may find out soon...


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