Very late end of season post!

Okay, so the last few weeks have been pretty busy. I've had Eastern Cups, Fun Races, Championship Races/Jumps, and school (okay, maybe not as much of the last one).

Quick Recap:

Geschmossel Classic at Bretton Woods
7th Overall

NHNCA Classic Qualifier
7th High School Class

TD Bank Eastern Cup at Trapp Family Lodge
63rd 10k Skate
114th 10k Classic

NHNCA Skate Qualifier
4th High School Class

NHIAA Men's Alpine Division II State Meet:
60th GS
38th Slalom
Kennett: 1st

NHIAA Division II Nordic State Meet
1st Classic
1st Skate
2nd Divisional Skimeister
Team Champions

NHIAA Ski Jumping Championships
T-3rd overall - 119 points
PR 33.5 meters (K38) - T-Longest of the night
1st State Skimeister
1st Nordic Combined

TD Bank Eastern Cup at Quarry Road
25th Mass Start 15k Classic
17th 10k Skate

NHIAA Meet of Champions
1st Classic 6k
2nd Skate 6k
Kennett: Swept the Classic Podium, 4 in the top 6. Two in top 6 for Skate.


Details details...

The Geschmossel at Bretton Woods was a very cold day. I got a slow start but held on to the front of the second pack fairly well, culminating in a sprint finish with rival Joe Smith of Moultonborough.

Alpine State Meet: Cold, starting last. Not my kind of race. But I managed, and placed fairly well considering my lack of experience this season.

Nordic State Meet: See here.

Jumping State Meet: Was a great way to end a High School Career. As the last jumper of the night, I put up the longest and best styled jump of the night, en route to my best finish in a jumping competition: a three-way tie for third with 119 points. As a trio, we were still only one point out of the tie that was first place already, with two placing with 120 points.Local sportswriter Josh Spaulding (Salmon Press) put it best in the first sentence of his article that week: "Torin La Liberte saved his best for last."

Eastern Cup: Quarry Road is by far one of the hardest courses I have skied. Part could have been the Zero conditions, part could be the A-climb that made college kids drop out at the Colby Carnival earlier this season. Either way, I put up some of my best points races of the season, but they were not enough for me to make it to Fairbanks. I ended up less than 5 points away from making it, and am currently the first alternate for the team. As of now, I am headed to Presque Isle with Team New Hampshire for the Eastern High School Championships. It's go time.


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