Summer Update

So school finished a while ago, and summer is here. Just thought I'd throw out a little bit about how things are going!

To be honest, not a whole lot has been going on lately. I'm living in the Burlington area and working at Local Motion, Vermont's Walking and Biking advocacy group! Most of what I do is based out of the Trailside Center (or TC), and involves renting out bikes to people who would like to enjoy the Champlain Valley, but without being confined to a car or bus. 
Look, the outdoors!
Also, this is right next door to the TC. Rawr
I started off the summer with a couple of weeks at home (in NH), training (riding my bike) and visiting friends and family around New England, capped off by a trip to Rhode Island for some Allie's Donuts with Pete (and a Paw Sox game too!), then by my longest ride to-date, a 115 mile ride up and over the Kancamagus Highway and back through Plymouth and Sandwich. it was a long day.
Sports that aren't endurance based!
The Highest point.

Just over 175km with a part of it on Route 175.

That brings me to Vermont, which, like I said, hasn't had much going on. 
 I've been training, working, training some more. 
Riding Dirty-ish

 I did, however, get the amazing opportunity to 'travel' to Montreal to watch part of the FIFA Women's World Cup! The atmosphere in the Stade Olympique was electric for both the Brazil-Spain and the South Korea-Costa Rica matches, a 1-0 victory and a 2-2 draw respectively.


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