NE 10 Championship: One for the books

Well its been some time. Since my last post I raced rollerskis up Whiteface Mountain in NY, ran in four more cross country races, and nearly went crazy with the school work this semester. But I'm not going to talk about all of them. Too far gone.

James Buck/NE-10 photo

This weekend was what is possibly the last home cross country meet of my career, and man it was a good one. The Northeast 10 Championships looped their way through campus this past Sunday, with 300 runners from 15 teams from all over New England and New York converging on little Winooski Park for the second (or third) to last race of the season.
James Buck/NE-10 photo

It was a chilly but comfortable start, right around 50 and breezy. And it was a fast start, as we went through the mile in 5:03. The last time I went through the first mile in under 5:10, I struggled to hang on to a sub-30 finish.

Oh Boy.
Josh Kessler Photo
I managed to hang on to that 5:03 first mile and turn it into a 5:17 second, while flying by the hundreds of spectators that were lining the course. Never have I had a race with such an enthusiastic (albeit slightly confused) cheering section.
James Buck/NE-10 photo
In the end, my teammate Ross and I duked it out for a full 8k, with me in his step until the 7.5k mark. Thats where things got interesting.
Brian MacDonald photo
It had been since the Shacklette Invy since I had beaten Ross last, and with him in my sights the whole race, I wasn't going to let that opportunity slip by. I matched him as we were cresting the hill in Gilbrook, and we had the biggest kick for the last 400 meters.

James Buck/NE-10 photo
Ross and I PR'd with times of 27:02.6 and .7, where I finally came out on top again. It was an amazing race for 50th place overall, my best placing at Conference, and hope to improve even more going into regionals in a couple weeks.
Finished my 8k season with a battle, wouldn't have it any other way.


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